Contact Tango is an creative exploration of the encounter between contact improvisation and Argentine tango.

By using principles of tango and contact improvisation we connect, play, get creative and dance free.

Using massage we deeply connect with our own body. We get in touch with our body feeling, getting more sensitive and explore from within. In tango we tune into the fine energy connection with each other. Contact improvisation gives us the flow of movement in a free way. Combining these three forms of being in contact will give as a deep listening to ourselves through our body.

In this week retreat we will dance in nature, moving to warm tango music, dancing sensitive and passionate, exploring our inner nature through dance and massage.

We will play with the polarities of tango, tension & release, opening our heart for connection, letting the spirit of tango go under the skin by massaging, dancing tango on each others bodies, exploring nature and body landscapes and massaging the tango vibes into our body and soul.

This retreat gives us the opportunity to re-connect with ourselves in a transformative and nourishing environment of the Canary Island/ La Palma.

GaneshAMOR is a beautiful retreat center on top of a cliff with ocean view. This paradise place invites us to surrender deeply into being.


Being in connection through Tango, Contact Improvisation & Massage


Location & price

GaneshAMOR is a retreat center with the main focus on permaculture and development of holistic consciousness. Full of beautiful dance spots in the magnificent north west of La Palma, the westernmost and greenest island of the Canary Islands. We will play in a light full seminar room made out of clay, on a wooden dance platform in nature and for cooling we always can use the swimming pool. Everything is very simple and close to nature: compost toilet, warm shower and a warm bath in between the bananas under the open sky.

You can sleep in your own tent, under the stars, in belt tents from our finca or in comfortable apartments in the neighbourhood.

Energy balance Seminar

340 ~ 420 (as you can/self assessment) early bird until Oct. 1st 2020

380 ~ 480 late bird.

Extra deals for helpers possible. Please contact:


Accommodation and food

Overnight stay (in your own tent or community space/tent) and food (vegan/ecological): 220(further donations to support the space are welcome!)

Food only (when you stay somewhere else): 160

Questions & inscription, contact Nathalie


How to get there?

Flights to Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC):

Easyjet from Berlin and London from 29:

Charterflights from 150roundtrip:,,

Tuifly often offers discounts up to 33% on many flights.

Condor frequently offers cheap flights,,,,, or

Other low cost airlines: Vueling (very cheap from Barcelona and Bilbao) and Transavia (very cheap from Amsterdam).

If you find good flight offers in other countries, please let us know, so we can pass it on!

You can also fly to Tenerife South and take a ferry ( Price of the ferry 12 .

Car rental:

Prices start at 80 We will take part in car sharing group organised by doodle group.

Main teachers

Rohland Frohland (formerly known as Moksha) 50, dances on a volcano in the Atlantic ocean, pioneer at GaneshAMOR on the island La Palma. As a passionate dancer, bodyworker, permaculturist, musician and bard, since the 1990ies, I create spaces of free learning and playing to experience effortless and sensual BE-ing. Inspired through the different artistical, therapeutical and spiritual systems I more and more enjoy LETTING GO of all these concepts. As a scorpio I love to dance with the shadows and the guardians at the borders and gates to new dimensions.

Lydia Müller has been working since 16 years professionally as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer in Holland, Portugal, Germany and further abroad. She received her diploma of dance in education at Codarts, Dance Academy Rotterdam and has been working since then in several professional dance companies, Community Art projects and interactive streettheater performances. She has been performing together with Ezequiel Sanucci with their own Contemporary Dance company “Tango Now”. Lydia is choreographing her own children dance theater performances and streettheater performances.

Besides her carrier as a dancer, Lydia has been regularly teaching contact improvisation, contemporary dance, Argentine tango, contact tango, Neo tango, African dance and yoga to different age groups in the Netherlands, Germany, Europe, Latin America and Singapore. She is founder of the CI Contact Zone Rotterdam, member of the CI-teachers of the Netherlands and Portugal and organizes her own dance retreats.

Lydia’s quality in teaching is to guide the whole group into a journey of creativity, playfulness, depth and joy. Her work and heart is beating for getting in contact with ourselves through connecting with each.